Let the Experience Begin


I have three reasons for starting this blog and at this particular time:

1) I love to write. I am a proud introvert and love expressing myself (and telling other people’s stories) through carefully crafted messages.

2) I want to publish a book. This is the first step towards completing this life goal.

3) I recently pitched a project and was told – indirectly – that I cannot prove that I have the required writing/editing skills. Here lies the proof.

The above may sound egocentric – all the reasons relate back to me and what I want – but I think a blog of this kind is anything but focused on ego; it is the opportunity for me to share with you tid bits of information that you can use to enrich your life and business. Saint Augustine, the inspiration behind Hipona Consulting (more about this in a later post) said: “The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences.” Let the experience begin!


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