The Importance of Having Fun in Business

Yes, grab the play-dough… This post is about the importance of having fun.

Why should you do something (including your work), if you are not having fun? I realize that work might not be fun all the time – that would be a little exhausting in my opinion – but when your professional life is a reflection of your passion and your talents then you will have fun and you will feel like you are living your life and not simply spending it.

If you read the “making ideas work” label on this blog you will understand why I love business strategy. Business strategy has always been a part of my life – my family and life experiences instilled in me the importance of doing work that I believe in and that ideas – whether attributed to my personal or professional lives (or both) – are not things to be scared of; they are things to be cherished and pursued and then changed or adopted. Sometimes ideas work out and sometimes they don’t but they are the essence of business and if we have fun with them, they can lead us to take advantage of tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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