Making a Difference

I think it’s safe to say we all want to make a difference. Be it big. Be it small. Sometimes the small things turn big. Sometimes the big things fizzle out and become small. But if making a difference is what we want to do in life and business then there is no better time than the present.

I’m not going to give advice on where or how to make a difference. That’s up to you. But I will say that making a difference isn’t always easy, isn’t always seen favorably, isn’t always met with loud applause and it isn’t always fruitful (at first). But making a difference – big or small – can open up opportunities for business that are totally unexpected. You are able to understand what people believe and engage people with values that are similar to your own. Making a difference has a snowball effect if it is done with heart and meaning.

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One thought on “Making a Difference

  1. tinza says:

    You certainly make a difference!

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