Living in a VUCA world


I’m researching a piece for an article in Spanish on how to survive in the VUCA world. VUCA is a term used in the military – and now in strategic management – to describe a world that is:


We live in a VUCA world. We do business with people in a VUCA world. The key, I’m finding, is having leadership that understands VUCA and can paint a clear vision in order to “see around corners” as I like to say. It’s important to find solutions to problems immediately because in a VUCA world, it doesn’t take months for challenges and opportunities to mature, they strike, it would seem, without warning.

I will share my piece in Spanish – tailored to my public in Latin America – when my article is published. In the meantime, anyone have any thoughts on VUCA would love to hear them!


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3 thoughts on “Living in a VUCA world

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have never heard about this terminology, but as you said, it is a very powerful idea for leadership.

    I think that knowledge (know your market, know your audiences, know your product) and flexibility are the two best skill that every leader must have to survive in a VUCA world.

    I´ll be looking forward for the article in Spanish.

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