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Savvy Saturday June 28th, 2014

You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give. — Winston Churchill

apple tree

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Getting attention for your brand in Latin America

Photo: Chiminea (Blanca Gómez)

I have been helping international brands connect with their markets in Latin America for over 10 years. Here are some ideas that I have picked up over the years and want to share with you. Most of them are relevant and can be applied elsewhere – US, Canada, Europe etc.

So, here are some ways (in no particular order or linear process) for you to connect with Latin America and get the attention your brand deserves!

1) Choose your influencers
2) Make friends with the media and thought leaders
3) Tell your story – unique and compelling content
4) Solve a problem – be creative!
5) A picture is worth 1000 words – be visual

At some point in the future, I would love to delve down into each one of the items on this list but until then, I would urge you to think about your brand (and corp) values and how those apply to what you do. If you can connect with your values and with people who share the same values – especially if they are influencers and thought leaders – then your brand will get the attention you want and deserve. Coherent, simple, organic growth.


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Savvy Saturday June 21, 2014

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” – William Blake

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Visual Business Inspiration

Looking forward to the summer? We certainly are. A little inspiration for your Monday…

(This photo is from

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Savvy Satuday June 14, 2014

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”
― Robert Frost

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Why there’s beauty in disruption

Disruption – “disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process” – is not new but usage of the word disruption has increased in the late 1990s. It would be interesting to explore the correlation between “disruption” (word usage) and internet usage.

But today, I would like to explore something non-analytical. Something that sometimes we fail to acknowledge as a factor for why we do things, why we appreciate things, why we live. Beauty.

Is disruption beautiful? I think so:

1) it reveals novelty, new ways of doing things, new connections, innovation
2) it proves we live in a dynamic world – not static, but constantly changing, reimagining our lives and our role in the world
3) it means that we are not alone – disruption implies clashes (of ideas, of cultures, of beliefs) and is the mark of a society – two or more people interacting with each other.

I was at the Portada Latin America Marketing and Advertising conference last week where I witnessed some amazing campaigns that reach audience/community/clients in Latin America in new and exciting ways. I also heard about some disruptive technologies from keynote speaker Scott Dadich of WIRED magazine. The world is complex, dynamic and ripe for disruption. Traditional industries and sectors are being challenged by interruptions from outside (and inside) their organizations. “We are a monopoly” or “we have always done it this way” are not responses that are in line with our complex society anymore.

Disruption is beautiful. It reveals that we are not robots living in a matrix but rather human beings looking to create something that, sooner or later, may challenge the status quo.


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Savvy Saturday June 7th, 2014

“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” –Walt Disney

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