Making Ideas Work

I think I have lived entrepreneurship since I was five years old, sitting around the dinner table with my parents and four sisters and hashing out what our next business scheme was going to be. There were always opinions, hearty discussions and listening. We always had fun.
From those early days I developed a love for dreaming about what could be possible in the future and for working to develop the ideas that I believed in. One factor that I attribute to success is working on things that have heart and meaning. That makes ideas and efforts fruitful.
When I started Hipona Consulting I thought about what I can offer my clients (my value proposition and purpose). And that’s when I came up with the phrase “making ideas work”. I later have seen it attached to innovation, strategy and business. This is good.
So what do I mean by “making ideas work”; exactly what it meant to me thirty years ago. Having fun, tossing around ideas, setting aside the ones that work and examining the ones that didn’t, learning, living and turning our best ideas into fruitful action.
Actions must be ethical, meaningful and take into consideration what is best for stakeholders involved. That’s how I (we!) make ideas work.

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