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Marketing at #PortadaLat 2014 in Miami

Next week I will be participating in Portada’s 2014 Latam Advertising and Media Summit in Miami, Florida. I’m presenting an award on behalf of Scoopshot at the Online Video Forum that takes place on the first day of the Summit.

What are the expected takeaways? Marcos Baer (Publisher at Portada) talks about them here. I’m particularly interested in real time marketing and the interaction between design and technology.


It will also be amazing to be within a “stone’s throw” of where our sailboat was moored about 20 years’ ago (Bayside Marketplace!). When I was a kid, we spent a month in Miami getting ready for our trip through the Caribbean on our 111 foot sailboat. Exploration, discovery, marketing….they fit together, don’t they?!


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