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Building a strong foundation for growth

Here is a short post inspired by Copyblogger’s “3 Powerful Tips for Building Your Business and Career”.

1. Focus on what you love and what you are good at. When you immerse yourself in something, you become an authority in it. While you may not want to use the word “expert” (we are all still learning aren’t we?), you will be someone that people come to in order to find out more about a topic or how it relates to their business or life.
2. Don’t ignore your shortcomings – are you deficient in a certain area? If you are an international organization, you might want to get help in particular overseas markets. If you are a small start-up, you might realize that you lack “experience” – think about putting together an advisory board.
3. Be compelling. Think about your audience and think about what is valuable to them. You love what you do but do others feel the same way? Tell your story. Get supporters. Get fans. Treat your loyal customers well.

Growth is about a strong foundation – if that foundation is built on expertise and on humility (being open to confronting what is missing and doing something about it) and your value proposition is told in a compelling way, growth will follow.


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