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5 Ways to Achieve Collaboration Excellence



Collaboration – whether on a project, a campaign, a strategy, a new product/service – helps you to create more relevant products or services for your target market. And don’t we all strive to be relevant?

Collaborating with your market (called collaborative marketing) is a way that you create things that have heart and meaning for your clients. Why? People who help create things are more likely to buy and support those same things. It makes sense.

Here is a list of 5 ways to promote collaboration excellence in your organization (your business, your social groups, your family, etc.):

1)      Listen

Look and listen to what your customers and saying and doing. Do an “audit” of what is being discussed both online and offline. What trends do you see?

2)      Engage

This is a fancy word for finding your customers and encouraging them to act as both buyers and marketers. Word of mouth marketing is one of the oldest forms of advertising and still one of the most important (in some instances the most important). I also like the term “grassroots marketing” – marketing from the ground up. Engage your customers and find ways to bridge the gap between your business practices and their needs (see #4).

3)      Align Content and Messages

Consistency is a key factor to effectively getting your message across and building rapport with your customers.

4)      Improve Processes (Cheaper, Faster, Better)

Optimize what you can in order to bridge any gaps that might exist (see  #2).

5)      Commitment

Commit resources to collaboration and to the continuous process I have just described.


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