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Savvy Saturday April 8, 2017

Buy less, choose well.

Vivienne Westwood

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Savvy Saturday February 20th, 2016

The best strategies always include a sharp definition of the target customer. And the more unique it is, the better.

Ken Favaro in “Why Distinctive Customer Targeting is a Smart Strategy” in Strategy & Business

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Generation C: Demographics or Behavior?

There is an excellent interview posted on David Solis’ blog this week where you can find his thoughts around disruption and disruptive technologies, innovation, social media and the future of a connected society. It’s an excerpt from David Passiak’s free book where he interviews 20 innovators in the start up world.

The whole interview is a great read (check it out here) but I found the piece below especially interesting as Solis jumps from describing demographics (something we look at constantly in the Latin American marketing and media space) to talking about actions, habits and behavior. Here it is:

“This is a big, big conversation. The easy answer is this—when we talk about Gen Y, Gen X and Gen Z, or Boomers and Millennials, we really tend to go down the demographic spiral. That limits our view of what is possible.
For example, you and I are both analog. We had to learn how to use digital in every iteration that has been thrown at us and they had to learn analog, which is crazy. And when you start to study behavior, you start to realize that older demographics, once they start using an iPad, a smartphone, or if they start getting a Facebook or Pinterest account, actually start to exhibit a lot of similar behaviors to Millennials. It’s fascinating. While it is not as extreme, there are similarities. This really introduces psychographics.
Talking about Gen C was my way of saying, “Stop looking at demographics and look at behavior.” Generation C is a collective of connected consumerism that just acts, thinks and influences differently than our traditional customer. It is a way to get people to see things differently, not by age but by their behavior.”

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