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Savvy Saturday August 26th, 2017

Why do we need great writers? Because they are integral in building our brand and our following. Because they help articulate our values and our beliefs. Because they help paint the vision that our followers, our tribe or our organization are working towards. They help us lead by example through articulation of our actions. Writing is a reflection of our thinking and of ourselves – whether as people, as organizations or as society.

From “The Written Word”  by Esther Clark.


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Savvy Saturday April 12, 2014

“Los innovadores fijan su mirada hacia el futuro y la posibilidad de que mejores modelos existan.”

“Innovators fix their eye on the future and the possiblity that better models exist.”

Source: Esther Clark, “Modelos opuestos como fuente de innovación”, Insights Magazine, Edición 7, 2014.

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