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5 Trends Impacting Growth in Latin America


While doing research for a project I’m currently working on, I discovered a list of mega trends from Frost & Sullivan (report for purchase on their website). These are trends that underscore Latin American growth prospects in the next 10 to 15 years.

Below is my list of five trends. Each item on the list has been studied and researched by Hipona Consulting in order to understand their impact on growth and business in Latin America. Some may change and some may fade (10 years is a long time!) but organizations that take these trends into consideration will be better able to adapt and take advantage of opportunities in Latin American markets.

1) Increased participation by women in decision making (at corporate level, in politics, buying decisions) (see my AmericaEconomia article in Spanish or my blog post on corporate governance)

2) Urbanization

3) Rising middle class

4) Increased connectivity (private and public sector spending)

5) Investment in infrastructure (traditional: airports and roads as well as innovative: industrial parks/clusters)

What trends do you see in the next ten years?

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