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Keep on going…

This blog has been over two years in the making. At the outset, I sought to link management theories to best practices in Latin America. I have endeavored to provide inspiration to entrepreneurs, managers, leaders and decision makers that will make their organizational efforts resound with people and, in particular, users in Latin America.

For me, as Esther Clark and Founding Partner of Hipona Consulting, it has been a journey of exploration and learning. There are weeks when it is hard to find inspiration in the world around me. It is also difficult to find examples of leaders in real life; even when I know those leaders exist but are barred from acting like leaders because ego, legacy, comfort or other factors in their personal or professional lives. That’s why I think this blog and the messages I relate are important.

While I journey towards new professional challenges, I urge you to come along with me. To “keep on going” towards promoting better management practices, exploring new markets or focusing more on the clients we have. From my side, I will be refocusing this blog to serve my clients better and to share what I have gained for working with boards and executives (and entrepreneurs!) in Latam: connecting interests.

Thank you to my loyal followers and for your comments and engagement over the years.


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Local firms and multinationals in emerging (LatAm) markets


Have you ever wondered what advantages local firms in emerging markets – like Latin America – have over their large resource-rich multinational competitors? There’s a great piece (written by John Jullens) that I discovered today in Strategy+Business magazine and it builds the case for strategy (and not just implementation) when doing business in/with/from emerging markets.

In relation to my business and the work of Hipona Consulting, I found the following particularly interesting:

…Local firms are far better at overcoming such voids than multinationals, not because they’ve somehow developed a superior operating model but simply because they’re often still run by their founder‒¬¬entrepreneurs: well-connected industry veterans who are adept at finding practical work-around solutions and still make most important decisions by themselves. In contrast, multinationals lack the local market understanding and personal relationships with government officials and other stakeholders, and are often hindered by their own time-consuming global decision-making processes.

That’s what Hipona Consulting does – it bridges the “either or” scenario. Hipona fosters collaboration between the entrepreneur, “well conected industry veterans”, emerging markets and the larger (international) organizations. All can then benefit from 1) resources and international expertise 2) practical work around solutions and 3) solid knowledge of Latin American (emerging!) markets.


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