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Visual Business Inspiration


Have you had an AH HA moment lately? You know, a light bulb moment, a moment of sudden inspiration, recognition or insight into a problem. Maybe it’s time to take a walk, read a book, start a conversation. Human beings are creators – let’s create great work, art, organizations and communities! AH HA.

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“Can you hear me now?”

How important is it that your client hears what you are saying? What about your spouse, your son or your daughter? What about your community?

I think you will agree that communications is very important; not only the technical stuff – “press this button to complete transaction” or “clean your room now” or “we were able to grow our market share by 10% in the last quarter” – but also the soft stuff. Telling people what they mean to you (yes, even your clients!) and listening to their opinion of you and your work can be more revealing than facts and figures. Why? Because they help you pinpoint values. Yes, that’s right, values.

Let me explain. Here is the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition:

something (as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable

Hearing what others think of you and what you do can help you understand what they find valuable or desirable about you. It may be different from what you think. It may be exactly what you planned, imagined or even hoped for.

I am not suggesting that we should live our lives and lead our businesses based on what others think of us but rather that communications (sitting down with your employee for lunch, talking to your client how their business is doing, or reading to your child at night) can help forge connections that can become very valuable.

If you want more “a-ha” moments (sometimes called “lightbulb” moments) then it starts with making unexpected connections between things. If we connect more often with people around us we may very well have more “a-ha” moments and don’t we all want more of those? And, on the flip side, don’t we all want our voices heard?


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