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E-commerce in Latam – opportunities for innovation


The strongest markets for e-commerce in Latin America are, not surprisingly, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Peru. The facts and figures shown in US Media Consulting’s Latin Link blog substantiate the commonly held belief that Latam (Latin America) is an important and growing digital marketplace. You can read their excellent article here in Spanish or here in English.

“This is nothing new” you might say. Where’s the innovation in this? And I would say that this growing digital marketplaceĀ represents opportunities for innovation. Opportunities related to changing demographics and process needs (perfecting a pre-existing process, replacing a link that’s missing or weak) that ultimately create new ways to interact with your customers and create new ones.

And creating customers is what business in all about…

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Latin American Media and Consumer Trends

I came across a great latin american trending site that I wanted to share. I found the following article – The 7 Hottest Products Among Latin American Shoppers – very interesting.

Due to my own professional – and personal – biases, I am glad to see travel and luxury goods on the list.

Latin America is such a diversity-rich place that trends like this speak to general tendancies in the region but, as in life itself, there are always wonderful exceptions to the rule!

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