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White Space

We all need “white space” in our lives. White space allows us to think, be creative, be strategic, focus on what counts, do something fun, laugh, cry or a combination of all these things.

I usually factor “white space” into a project because it provides you or the project manager the opportunity to pause, reflect and tailor actions before things go too far in the wrong direction.

White space is not only reflection. White space is planning, thinking, future looking, story building time that allows us as human beings to remember we are human. Check for mistakes, celebrate a success, write that thank you letter or start that side project you have always wanted to do.

White space makes us human. Without white space we run the risk of becoming machines. e3dc9e58e2c5faad2871843721955e3d


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What do you see in your clouds?

What do you see in your clouds?

Here is my latest article in America Economia magazine. It’s in Spanish and it talks about how clouds are defined by the observer. When clouds – anything that clouds our vision – ¬†appear in our lives it’s an opportunity to “unlearn”. Meaning, redefine what your vision is, take out the nice to haves from the have to haves and focus on the important elements of your project, business, job etc.

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