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Good Money, Bad Money

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The basic idea of good money and bad money is that the type of money a manager accepts carries specific expectations that must be met. These expectations heavily influence the types of markets and channels that a venture can and cannot target. The very process of securing funding forces many potentially disruptive ideas to get shaped instead as sustaining innovations that target large and obvious markets. Thus, the funding received can send great ideas on a march towards failure.

As emergent ideas are being nurtured during nascent years, money must be patient for growth but impatient for profits.

When winning strategies become clear and deliberate ideas need to be carried out then money should be impatient for growth but patient for profit.

  • Clayton Christensen, Disruptive Strategy, HBX
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Savvy Saturday September 28th, 2013


“The lesson of Twitter has been that the really great outcomes seem kind of crazy at the time you have to decide.”

Today’s quote comes from Mike Maples who was an early investor in Twitter. If you want to check out a great Bloomberg article on early Twitter investors and the IPO click here.

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Savvy Saturday August 31, 2013

A person who is quietly confident makes the best leader.

– Fred Wilson, Co-Founder, Union Square Ventures


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