Dan Kerr, Lower School Director at American School of Paris
Esther Clark is easily one of the most inspiring professionals on the planet in my opinion…and an even better person. Her level of commitment to her work, her passion for innovation and change, her communication and writing skills, and her ability to implement standard and innovative communications and marketing strategies are all areas that have had a tremendous impact on me, and made me a better leader. I’ve grown so much simply by watching and working with Esther, and she is as good as it gets at what she does as far as I’m concerned. Her strong connections to our local market are immeasurable as we try to engage, inspire, and attract families to our outstanding school, and she has been a true change agent since the day she arrived here at Academia Cotopaxi.

Barbara Nadeau, Senior Trade Commissioner

Esther is a dynamic professional with both private and government experience in the international sphere. I had the opportunity to work with her in her capacity as project manager for the Canadian Commercial Corporation on the New Quito International Airport project where she liaised with the Embassy of Canada in Ecuador on ministerial visits, project briefings and site tours. She was effective in communication, handled issues with tact and diplomacy and could adapt her communication to her interlocutor. As consultant she managed strategic communications for the 2013 Imagine Canada Education. She has proven to show professionalism, client focus and delivered high quality products and services.

Nancy Shonka Padberg, Digital Media and Marketing Executive at Hearst
Esther is a strategic and focused professional. She has extensive knowledge in international markets and has excellent business sense. Combined with thoughtfulness, drive and technical expertise she solves business challenges. Even while we work across time zones she provides creative and distinctive solutions. I recommend Esther highly to any company that is in need of leadership in strategy, business or marketing solutions.

John M. Beck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Aecon Group Inc.
Esther worked with Aecon as CCC’s project manager for 7 years on the New Quito International Airport project. During that time she proved to be a valuable part of project through her positive attitude, work ethic and business sense. I recommend Esther as a reliable international business professional.

Andrew Shisko, Former Ambassador of Canada to the Republic of Ecuador
We have been highly impressed with Ms. Clark’s consistently high quality of work, as well as with her efficiency and reliability. I can confirm that Ms. Clark is an intelligent, responsible and well-trained individual of integrity, who I would not hesitate to recommend for professional-level employment related to business development, project monitoring and marketing.

The following testimonials are verbatim replications of recommendations from my LinkedIn profile page. They are copied here for your convenience. I welcome your testimonials and will publish with your permission.

Mark Boone, Senior Project Manager at MMM Group Limited
Esther and I worked on the New Quito International Airport project in Ecuador. Esther is a very conscientious individual and represented CCC very well throughout the project. Her ability to deal with the dynamics of this challenging project was very apparent at all times. She was very well connected in the community and would certainly be an asset in the Quito / Ecuador market.

Marcelo Fonseca, Administrative Finance Manager at Odebrecht
I have worked with Esther at the New Quito International Airport (Ecuador). She is a dedicated professional who is always ready to help. Her ability to deal with different cultures was also noted. Putting up a complex project like that required a huge effort, and it was definitely a great help to work with someone who is straightforward and focused on solving problems. I look forward to working with her on another project.

Caroline Miwa, EHS Specialist and PM at Golder Associates Ltd.
Esther es una compañera de trabajo que sin duda puedo recomendar. Ella es dedicada y comprometida con el proyecto. Ella es sensata y crítica, y siempre agregando valor a las discusiones de trabajo. Ella sabe cómo trabajar en equipo, sobre todo cuando se trata de grandes eventos, y que implican un alto nivel de presión. Ella es una persona atenta y siempre está dispuesta a cooperar. Yo recomiendo Esther Clark.

Zoë Mullard, Community Relations and Communications at Monkey Forest Consulting
Esther was an important member of the Trade Commissioner team and I really enjoyed working with her at the Canadian Embassy in Ecuador. She provided strategic thinking to clients and provided insight about international business. She is fun, hard working, organized and has a broad range of professional experience, which means that she always has a solution to problems.

Rosamelia Andrade, Independent Communications and Project Development Consultant
I had the pleasure to meet Esther when she was working at the Canadian Embassy in Quito in charge of bilateral trade and education projects. She acted as an efficient liaison person between UBC’s global health project and the Embassy. She ensured the development of competent and productive connections with both Canadian and Ecuadorian counterparts.
Esther is a professional, reliable and enthusiastic individual with a superb entrepreneurial spirit. She is always ready to find suitable connections within the private and public sectors.  I strongly recommend Esther for any management and consulting project.

Paola Huizar, Senior Executive Assistant and Project Co-ordinator
Tuve la fortuna de trabajar con Esther durante el proceso de implementación del programa de calidad en BMW Toronto. Sus excelentes habilidades de comunicación y trabajo con altos ejecutivos, profesionalismo y trabajo de equipo contribuyeron enormemente a concretar de manera exitosa este proyecto.
Sin lugar a dudas, considero a Esther como una persona muy competente, guiada siempre por principios éticos y con excelentes habilidades de resolución de problemas, siempre con un trato cordial y muy amable hacia sus compañeros. Seria un placer volver a tener la oportunidad de trabajar con Esther en un futuro.

Jim Oskey, CFO at BMW Japan Finance Corp
Esther is highly professional and a strong performer full of initiative. She always had a great attitude and brought creative ideas to her work. Definitely a joy to work with. Even beyond the positive attitude is her outstanding capability. There was never a doubt in her ability to deliver and in the value of her contribution.

Diana Livits, Partner Marketing Manager at Mozilla Corporation
Working alongside Esther Clark at BMW Canada was a real delight. She was held in high regard for her professionalism and outstanding work ethic. In fact, she is one of the most capable and competent people I have ever met. To underestimate that description is to underestimate just how rare competence is in a person, a peer, a colleague and an employee.
Esther approaches tasks and challenges pragmatically, with great initiative and a very positive attitude. She is trilingual. Not only is this impressive, but also serves as a testament to her outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. She has a passion for excellence, a commitment to delivery and the gift of coming up with innovative ideas. Moreover, Esther is meticulous in her preparation; her first-class performance never failed to impress the executive team to whom she was responsible.
Above all, Esther is an extraordinary human being. She is a kind and passionate woman with a big heart and a bright personality. Her reliability, expertise, diligence and commitment make her an incredible asset to any project or position, but her sensitivity, energy and sense of humor make working with her a joy. I am honoured to endorse Esther. I would love the opportunity to work with her again and recommend her without reservation.

Alvaro Retamales Contreras, Ingeniero Civil Industrial (UCH), MBA (UAI)
Esther realizaba una pasantía en el MBA International Program en la Universidad Adolfo Ibañez cuando trabajó con nosotros.
Demostró una capacidad de escucha, una autonomía y resultados concretos acorde a lo solicitado, con un trabajo autónomo, persistente y profesional.
Me sorprendió su madurez y foco, para ser una persona con poco track laboral. Entregó un producto operando y con relaciones establecidas con los aliados estratégicos elegidos.
La recomiendo por profesional, seria y enfocada en el logro real de los resultados que se le piden. Es una persona con buenas relaciones interpersonales, agradable y empática, que se integra con facilidad a equipos de trabajo, aún en culturas que son distintas a su pais de origen.

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