The future of work? It’s about scalable learning.

Here is an excerpt from John Hagel’s post, Defining the Big Shift, that talks about the future of work and how it demands new learning and performance modalities.

From institutions driven by scalable efficiency to institutions driven by scalable peer learning. Today’s large institutions are more often than not barriers to effective participation in scalable knowledge flows so it is no wonder that passionate and creative talent is increasingly fleeing established institutional homes to set up shop as independent contractors and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, institutions can provide unique opportunities to scale pull platforms and build ever growing networks of long-term trust based relationships on top of these platforms.  If institutions viewed their primary rationale as fostering scalable peer learning, they could create “learningscapes” that would help individuals develop their talent much more rapidly than these individuals ever could on their own.

I’m honored to be working in education and to have the opportunity to scale learning through the various present and future projects at our school. A “shout out” to Madeleine Heide and her “learning landscapes” blog on transformation at Academia Cotopaxi.


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